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Christians Who Argue About Trivial Matters

Everybody is not going to see the word of God and believe it the way you do. If they believe on the sacrificial blood atonement of Jesus Christ and that God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are one, they should be recognized as a brother. Yet still there are some believers who would question that statement regarding salvation. Some argue that you must be baptized in Jesus’ name or they will condemn you to hell. Some say only those who speak in tongues have the gift of tongues as if the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not speaking in tongues. Some say you must be water baptized to be saved. Some say you’re wrong for conducting worship services on Sunday instead of Saturday. Others say if you don’t obey the commandments God will send you to hell, never considering grace and mercy. The list goes on forever. But 1Timothy 6:4 says there are persons who have unhealthy interest in controversies and verbal disputes (NET). Some have an unhealthy desire to quibble over the meaning of words. This stirs up arguments ending in jealousy, division, slander and evil suspicions (NLT). Don’t argue with your brother or sister in Christ over trivial matters, it’s a satanic attempt to divide us up further. This is all about Christians who argue over trivial matters. Just pray!

Faith and Favor

If people would only believe in the word of God, they would see what promises are granted to them. In Genesis 12, God made a promise to Abraham regarding blessing. Blessing is the abundance of increase in favor. Favor in earthly matters. We’re already blessed with every spiritual blessing through Christ Jesus. We don’t necessarily need the house, job or the car, but we need favor. We need favor with the mortgage lender, the auto dealership, the company employer. Galatians chapter 3 says, “them that be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham, and them that be of Jesus Christ are the same as the children of Abraham’. Confess Jesus as Lord, exercise faith in the word of God, and experience the abundance of increase in favor. Faith brings favor.

God’s Preferred Attitude When We Come to Church

Ecclesiastes 5:1, Walk prudently when go into the house of God. This implies walk circumspect, take care of how your attitude is. Leave all your hatred towards someone, the residual emotions of your spousal fight that morning and your dislike for how your church leaders run the service, at home. You cannot praise or worship God freely or in spirit and in truth with ill thoughts and unforgiving at heart.  In other words, do not bring a rotten attitude around people who might really be in dire straits or even contemplating suicide and that Sunday in church was their last resort. Do not bring a cloak of funk to hover about whatever room you enter and cause it to contaminate the atmosphere that’s present. Do not sit there looking like you’ve been sucking on lemons all-night, frowning and such. Come with an attitude of praise no matter what your situation is.  Walk prudently when you go into the house of the Lord. This is God’s preferred attitude when we come to church.

Chivalry: What Classy Women Look For

Either men have to teach women or the women need to teach men in order to keep chivalry alive.  A woman of any degree of class wants to be treated special. Chivalry is not some ‘Ol Skool’ lifestyle that doesn’t matter anymore. Chivalry is what is right in the sight of God. How would a man ever honor, cherish and highly esteem his wife if he never learned to respect a woman. He’s the man! He should open the door for her. He should not sit at the table and dine with his hat on. He should pick up her handkerchief or whatever she drops in his presence. He should pay for the meal and provide the transportation. Being a gentleman means, ‘ladies first’. She is to be honored and treasured and made known that she is special. Women are the greatest thing God made for man. Treat her like a lady. Chivalry is what classy women look for.

Believers Can Live Anywhere and Make It

Some say the cost of living is too high in California. It’s too cold in Minnesota. Too many  Blacks in D.C. Too many Mormons in Utah. It rains too much in Washington State and not enough jobs in Montana. We can find reasons not to go live in every city in America, but know that whatever your choice is, you have a promise from God if you only trust Him. He said in Deuteronomy 28 that He will bless you in the city or in the field. I’d like to paraphrase, He’ll bless you in the suburbs or ghetto, in massive populations or small towns. All a believer has to do is believe God. You have to live somewhere. If there is only one place to live and it is the ideal for everyone, why isn’t everyone there? It’s up to you to stand on the word of God and trust the He is for you. The only precaution is, make sure the Lord has never given you signs telling you not to go. Believers can live anywhere and make it.

Personality Fraud, The Great Pretender

Faking it until making it is not always the best way to live. Sometimes your faking becomes you. Then everybody sees right through you. Pretending to be something or someone you are not is the most evident sign of insecurity. You don’t have to impress or prove anything to anyone. Often Christians and non-Christians would broadcast or testify about how free they are from a horrible upbringing only to display how bound they still are. It’s ok to admit your challenges, your flaws and weaknesses. We all are striving for the masteries, to be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. Praise God that some of the fruit of the spirit is developed but nobody has arrived. Even the apostle Paul said, “I have not yet apprehended, but one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, I reach forward and I press toward the mark…”. Don’t lie, we see you. Personality fraud is the great pretender.

The Importance of Learning God’s Word

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Knowledge is powerful. To understand calculus, have a wealth of historical information or even be able to communicate in several languages is very helpful. But knowledge of God’s word trumps all. So many people have depended on doctors for their health issues, attorneys for litigation, drugs to sleep peacefully or politicians to solve national, local or individual problems. When a person studies God’s word they equip themselves for every one of life’s challenges. Joshua chapter 1 promises that if we meditate on God’s word day and night we will make our way prosperous. Psalms chapter 1 says we’ll be like trees planted by the rivers of water if we meditate on God’s word. By having revelation knowledge of Jesus, even the gates (all levels of authority) of hell will not prevail against you. If you’ve been losing in life, study and practice the application of God’s word regularly.  It’s of the utmost importance to learn God’s word above all.

The Equivalent of Gays Coming Out

Now that a few celebrities and professional athletes have come out to admit they are gay, the White House, Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant and others have commended it. Should we commend child molesters, adulterers, rapists, crack addicts, liars, thieves, whoremongers, fornicators, murderers and sexual perverts for coming out of the closet as well? The aforementioned ways are simply the equivalent of gays coming out. It’s all SIN. Help us Jesus!

Real Brothas in The Locker Room

Naturally we’re all from Adam, therefore we by nature are all brothers and sisters. However after having become born again, as  many has received Christ, God has given power to become sons. Therefore if God (YHWH), the Father of our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ is your father, then we are brothers. So now you see what I’m talking about. Real brothas (christians) in the locker room don’t want to know that some teammate might be scoping their genitals out with lust in his eyes. Real brothas in the locker room don’t want a cloudy conscience when speaking openly about normal relations with women by having to consider his teammate who’s gay, listening.  Real brothas don’t care for asking Jason, ‘how is Richard   your wife doing”? Real brothas that are blood washed and blood bought by the power of the blood of Jesus know that God disapproves of that choice of lifestyle. Real brothas enjoy the camaraderie of the female wives and kids, watching them all grow together at family outings. The real brothas in the locker rooms are going to have to witness, not judgmentally, but in love to those who obviously don’t know the Lord.

Victory Verses for Standing

God has given us exceedingly great and precious promises whereby we can be partakers of His divine nature. There are several verses a believer can stand on that will suffice for any situation and will self encourage. Verses like, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Or, “through Christ Jesus I am more than a conqueror”. “ I am the head only and not the tail, above only and not beneath”. “ I am a chosen generation, a holy nation, God’s own special treasure, a peculiar person brought from darkness to God’s marvelous light’. “ Christ Jesus always causes me to triumph”. “I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. “ If God is for me, who would dare be against me”. “All things are working together for my good because I love God and I’m called according to His purpose’. These are a small sample of verses every believer has a right to claim. Last but not least, ‘no weapon formed against me will prosper and tongues that rise against me in judgment shall be condemned; for I overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony”. These are some Victory Verses for Standing.