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These Are The Last Seconds

The book of Daniel speaks toward the end times. In chapter 12 a statement is made that knowledge will increase in the last days. For nearly 6,000 years man transported himself by way of horse, mule and buggy. Now, within the last 100 years we’ve not only benefitted from the invention of the automobile, but we’ve flown airplanes and even sent rockets to the moon and various other places of outer space. Satellites for communications and tracking are ruling the airways. Submarines are touching the bottom of the ocean. At one time only the rich and super rich had telephones in their cars, now kids in the projects are walking around with cell phones in their pockets. During the civil war the soldiers stuffed muskets to shoot, and if time didn’t permit they would have to use the bayonet on the rifle for their alternate defense. We’re successfully separating Siamese twins, performing heart transplants and have developed weaponry that would destroy all of creation. In spite of what the scientists say about humans existing some 50 million years, from Adam to Moses was an estimated 2,000 years. From Moses to Jesus was another 2,000 years. From Jesus to now is another 2,000 years. These timelines are listed clearly in the holy bible. All of this advancement has occurred within the last 100 years. We’re not in the last days, these are the last seconds. No one knows exactly when, but Jesus is coming soon. Be ready!

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Things You Can’t Pray For

When a person gets born again and receives the spirit and life of Jesus the Christ within, they have all they need to live a fruitful and productive life. You can tell the level of knowledge and somewhat the level of maturity in a believer by the way they pray. When believers go through hardships and cry out asking for more faith, they’ll never get that prayer answered. We were all already dealt the measure of faith. Now that person must exercise their faith in order to develop it. One man in the bible asked Jesus to help is unbelief. He asked, but Jesus didn’t answer. The only way to build bi-ceps is by doing curls. You can’t ask for something you already have, our job is to develop it. Patience came by way as a fruit of the Spirit. When you pray for God to give you patience, He makes you wait longer. Waiting and enduring with a good temper is what develops patience. Self-control must be exercised as well in order to abstain and refrain. Tell your appetite you will not eat doughnuts every morning with your coffee. Tell your mind to read the bible and not watch television. He calls us disciples because we are “disciplined” followers of Christ. There are a lot of things we can pray for, then there are also a lot of things we already have, work it.

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Where Black Muslims Missed It

Many black Muslims have thought or said that Christianity is the “white man’s” god. It is so unfortunate that those who aspire to that frame of reference have never studied the bible, let alone did research on genealogies and geographical locations. There is only one God and He is the father of our lord and savior Jesus the Christ. The descendants of Ham and Shem had much miscegenation between them throughout the early centuries. The descendants of Japheth migrated northward who became the European, earlier known as Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan and even Gog who is listed as an opponent during the great tribulation. Some eighty percent of the characters in the canon of scripture are of African descent, including Jesus’ lineage.

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