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Punctuality, A Key To Professionalism

It was once referred to as “CP’ time. That’s colored people time. Sad! If an event was scheduled to begin at 3:30pm, sometimes it didn’t begin until 4:30, 5:00 or later. Many Black churches, not all, have become notorious for this gross character flaw. This attribute trickles down into many people’s personal affairs also, such as jobs and relationships. I say Black churches because of my own experience. I’m sure other ethnic groups can lack excellence in this area as well. Daniel chapters 5 and 6 speak toward his being promoted due to having an excellent spirit. Most professionals in the business world operate with a degree of excellence, because excellence brings promotion. High standards are impressive, admirable and encouraging. People who don’t respect or value your time have little or no respect for you. Leaders in ministry should never allow the people to train them by waiting until enough people come. The leader should train the people and honor their own commitment to the time a meeting, event or service begins and start even if only one person is there. If there’s an office appointment and the individual is 20 minutes late (a second time) and has not called, leave.  I’ve seen many miss the blessing of God by coming to a 10:00 worship service at 11:15. God is checking our faithfulness to our own times set.

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Did having a Black President help Black people?

Chime in! Some say it proved that anything is possible in that a race can come from recent slavery and rise to leading the nation. Some say it gave many Blacks a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Some say our black president is simply a politician with charisma who was “selected” to be a puppet and not really “elected” by the public. Some say unemployment is worse, gas prices are higher than with the former administration and black on black crime has escalated. Did having a black president, help black people? Write back. What do you say?

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Was The Apostle Paul Black?


We used to talk about who was the king of the jungle, and everyone used to
say the lion is the king of the jungle. The elephant turned out to be the
king of the jungle. We just live and learn. The deal is who writes the
book determines who they want to be the king of the jungle, and what
happened in many black folk’s lives was that they were raised up and you
got the misslets in Sunday school and you get the pamphlets and the little
coloring books with all the different caucasoric features of biblical
characters. So you grew up with these images in your mind that they were
all white, and you got whichever painting it is of the Lord’s suffering,
they’re all Caucasian. We know that even on that one there was one, Simon,
who was a Canaanite. It’s like there could have been at least one black
person at the table.

But check this out. You have to understand something. First of all, there
was Rahab, the Canaanite whore. Canaanite, these were descendants of Ham,
straight up descendants of Ham. You have to ask yourself, how did Noah
have three sons and some people say Ham was the black one? How can you
have three sons by the same wife, but only one comes out black, the others
come out another color?

That kind of stuff just depends on who writes the book, who puts things out
there. So, anyway, there was Judah and Perez had Tamar, had Tamar not
Perez, Perez and these were Canaanites, these were black people. The
children of Israel went into Egypt and those children of Israel didn’t
recognize Joseph. How could they not recognize Joseph amongst all these
Egyptians when he was a Hebrew? You see where I’m going here?

Then in Exodus Chapter 2, Jethro had daughters, and those daughters had
told a gentlemen in Exodus Chapter 2 that an Egyptian had delivered us.
She was talking about Moses, and Jethro’s daughters were telling their
father about Moses. So how they mistook Moses, being a Hebrew, for an
Egyptian. Why? Because he looked like an Egyptian, he was a black man.
Even in Acts Chapter 21, they thought the apostle Paul was a black man. He
was a Benjamite, but, however, if you read Acts Chapter 21 around verse 30,
it says ‘Aren’t you the Egyptian who caused an uproar?’ He was a black
man. These were black folk.

And then some brother come on TV said ‘So I guess all of them are black
now.’ What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with all the characters in the
canon being black? What’s wrong with that? Read the book, study the
scriptures. You can study those genealogies, it’s already there. So it’s
okay to look at those geographical locations, and you can see where these
people were from and there was much miscegenation taking place throughout
the canon. 80% of the characters in the canon of scripture were of African

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The Black Identity Crisis


You know, it’s just interesting how so many blacks, they know they’re
somebody, but not exactly who they are, and I’m just coming from the aspect
of how some Brothers walk, we add a little swagger, and Sisters do too, and
jargon and gestures, and everything else.You can tell, it’s like, this person has confidence and they believe in
themselves, but some don’t know who they are, and I say that in reference
to the word of God. Because see, so many blacks have come from the slavery
and were told that “you’re this” and “you’re that,” and didn’t know who
were they were, and had to just believe whatever the master told them or
whatever their culture or their environment or neighborhood, whatever the
family told them, who they are and what they’re going to be about. Yet,
when you go to a canon of scripture, then you can identify with who you
really are.And they were always in the Bible, men of African descent, throughout the
Bible from Genesis to the Revelations, some eighty percent of the
characters in the canon of scripture were African descent. And we just need
to understand, Peter was saying that we’re a chosen generation, a holy
nation, God’s own special treasure, peculiar people, we need to know who we
are in the sight of God. You know, we’re blessed coming in and going out,
we’re champions and kings, and priests, we’re more than conquerers, and
that’s who we identify with.

How did God see us and not how did man put on us, “you’re shiftless, you’re
lazy” and all these stereotypes and so forth concerning black people. But
hey, no, black people are a prized possession. You know they used to say,
God loves black people too. And that’s not right either. You’re not an
afterthought. He loves black people period, let’s just leave it right
there. Period. Just like he loves everybody. He loves black people, period,
not “too” or “also” like some kind of afterthought.

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Are You Pro-Black or Pro-Christ?

When we truly understand the struggle of black Americans it is easy to relate to many of their causes today. When blacks fought for human rights, civil rights, marched, campaigned and protested all because of their color, it was understandable to be pro-black. Although racism, prejudice and discrimination still exist, the movements being made in the 1960′s and earlier have diminished if not altogether dissolved. Malcolm,  Dr. King and many others fought and died for the cause, now what. Blacks can’t afford to see only through the eyes of their “blackness” anymore, but through the eyes of God.

Jesus saves and the word of God is the most powerful entity that ever existed.

If the black race and the various black organizations continue to be pro-black, excluding the God factor, they will lose every battle. God is fair and just and only supports what is right in His eyes. If blacks support social and political leaders simply because they are black, and not examine them against the word of

God, they’ll certainly operate at a disadvantage. Blacks can be as color conscious as they want, but if they don’t put Christ first they will never overcome.

Please share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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65% of Black Men ages 18 – 28 are in jail

Why are the young brothers in jail? As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Most of them have the gifts, skills, knowledge and talents to change the world. They just don’t know who they are. If they knew their ancestry was royalty, they might begin to act like it. However, an identity theft has taken place and it hasn’t been restored. Slavery was genocide all by itself. Black parents (in general) aren’t educating their children anymore regarding their rich heritage. The young men grow up feeling inferior, unloved, not receiving any attention from their fathers and look to other methods for life satisfaction. Quick hustles, gangs, drug dealing or drug usage to medicate the void of self importance is often an easy alternative. “Blacks from a Biblical Perspective’ speaks to this very challenge, not as to who blacks are from a secular standpoint but biblical identification.

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Where Black Muslims Missed It

Many black Muslims have thought or said that Christianity is the “white man’s” god. It is so unfortunate that those who aspire to that frame of reference have never studied the bible, let alone did research on genealogies and geographical locations. There is only one God and He is the father of our lord and savior Jesus the Christ. The descendants of Ham and Shem had much miscegenation between them throughout the early centuries. The descendants of Japheth migrated northward who became the European, earlier known as Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan and even Gog who is listed as an opponent during the great tribulation. Some eighty percent of the characters in the canon of scripture are of African descent, including Jesus’ lineage.

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The Big Black Deception

Deception is Satan’s most lethal weapon. To go even further, it’s his only weapon. Not only has the devil deceived the world into believing they can’t win in many instances, he also gets specific and direct in his targeting of people. The devil has used races, color, languages and nationalities to utilize his most lethal weapon. Revelation chapter 12 describes him as the one who deceives the whole world. This is very true in the area of Black Americans. He has deceived them into believing various lies and stereotypes regarding their personality, character, culture and physical traits. Yet, since there’s only one race, the human race, and none superior to another, why is there still racial and cultural oppression?

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