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Still Eating Like Slaves (The Silent Killers)

In Leviticus chapter eleven, God told His people what foods to eat, not only to separate or distinguish them from the gentiles but also because He knew what was best for our bodies. He made everything and knows what is threatening and can be damaging to our physical health.

The number one killers amongst Black people are diabetes and high blood pressure. If Blacks don’t educate themselves regarding diet and nutrition many will continue to self-destruct. Slavery is over yet many still eat the slave’s food.  Our forefathers had to eat the leftovers, we don’t have to. Pork! No way would God’s people have any association with bar-b-que ribs, fried pork chops, chitlins, ham, hog head cheese, pork sausage, pig tails or feet. A pig will eat a rat. God knows it’s a scavenger, that’s why He gave directives as to what was acceptable. The animals with cloven hooves and don’t chew the cud, or have split hooves and don’t chew the cud are not good for the body. Fried catfish, prawns, shrimp are also scavengers and are unhealthy. Although all of our food is already sanctified through the word and prayer, we still need to use wisdom. We spend a lot of time in church praying about sicknesses that could easily have been avoided. Proper diet and exercise will annihilate the statistics regarding blacks and the silent killers. It’s simply “Slave Food”. Now that we are out of slavery and are in the Fortune 500, business CEO’s, millionaires, politicians, government officials, school board superintendents and share leadership in every positive category existing, let’s also graduate from the slave diet and live healthier.  In order to break a curse, we must break from it. Moderation is a good thing.

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Why Blacks Commit Suicide


On one of my recent quick hitters, I was talking about why blacks commit
suicide, and I was primarily just getting into the fact that, that hasn’t
been happening all the while. That’s some stuff that’s just been happening
recently the last 25, 35 or so years.

And I know that Proverbs Chapter 3 around verse 31 says, whichever, 30, 31,
33 or whatever, says, ‘Envy not the oppressor and choose not of his ways’.
And, you know, maybe because some blacks have seen some other people do it,
and so they gravitate towards that as the only way out. But, you know, I’d
like to make a reference to Ezekiel Chapter 16 where it says that, He’s
speaking, God is speaking to His people saying, ‘Your birth and your
nativity is from the land of Canaan. Your mother was an Amorite and your
father a Hittite’. And what I’m getting at here, is, you know, we’re just
talking about how that, you know, it’s 80% of characters in the cannon of
the scripture were of African descent. And Canaan and Ham, those were all
African folks, y’all.

Anyway, again, so, He has said, you know, they were the ones who were left
out in the open field. They had to fend for themselves. You just find all
that in Ezekiel Chapter 16. They had to fend for themselves. No one washed
them, nobody watered them, they didn’t have anything on their own. And it
just kind of makes me parallel that with how the blacks were coming, were
taken against their will, shackled hand and foot, stacked on top of one
another, put on these ships, crossed the hot ocean six, seven, eight months
and they’re on the ship. And they had to just defecate and urinate and
everything else on one another. And if people got sick they just threw them
overboard, and some of the, I’m telling you, some of the worst things have
taken place in the lives of these people. And they come over to the United
States of America and some of the things they contended with.

But that scripture in Ezekiel Chapter 16, God said, ‘I put it in your
blood, I spoke it in your blood to live.’ In other words, you don’t die,
you don’t give up. It’s in your blood to live. And so they went through
these hundreds of years of slavery and so forth, and in all the torment and
torture and the things black people have contended with. Yet they’re still
here today. Rising up in every occasion, in the political arena, in
athletics, in science, in medicine, in every venue, in every avenue and
aspect of life you can imagine, they’re still here rising. Because God
said, ‘I spoke it in your blood.’ Live, live. You don’t die, you don’t
quit. You don’t hang yourself. We don’t kill ourself because somebody
leaves us. We don’t kill ourself because we can’t pay a phone bill. We
don’t kill yourself because times get so hard. Do you know what your
forefathers went through? Do you know what’s in your blood? God said it in
your blood, Live. That’s what we got to do. Live.

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Why Are Blacks Still Marching and Singing

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Rev. 12:11). So many people, blacks in particular have missed the emphasis of Dr. King’s message. He preached and used the word of God to support his position. He preached about “The drum major instinct”, and “having a dream” about the races uniting and seeing the glory of the coming of the Lord. For nearly 44 years blacks have been (rain or snow) in the streets marching and singing “we shall overcome”. They’ve been riding “freedom trains” and having citywide events to bring attention to his message and legacy.

We should give honor to whom honor is due, but Dr. King’s message obviously is obscured from the masses of blacks who think marching and singing “we shall overcome” will help this nation unite. Blacks can’t even unite amongst themselves, how do they expect America to do so. Again, it wasn’t per se’ the man, but it was his message. If blacks and all Americans begin praying and honoring God by obedience to His word, there will be unity. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual host of wickedness and rulers of darkness. By way of the blood of Jesus, we already overcame. Being pro-black doesn’t add much advancement today, being pro-Christ does. That’s what Dr. King was all about. So beginning from the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, throughout the month of February we’ll be hearing the song lyrics “we shall overcome”, I say when? Response, someday. Yeah right! Read the bible. Stop marching and singing. Win souls and make disciples.

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Why Would Blacks Commit Suicide

Blacks are committing suicide at a faster rate then ever in United States history. This epidemic was almost unheard of in the 1960′s and prior. Maybe blacks who consider suicide today just don’t know who they are. Maybe they’ve simply lost all hope and believed the lie of death being the only way out. Could it be that they’ve seen others choose that route to freedom. Proverbs 3:31 says, ”envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways”. I use that verse because much of man’s behavior is learned. If the potentially suicidal blacks today would just look back a few hundred years. Observe how their ancestors were shackled hand and foot, taken against their will, stacked on top of each other, urinating, defecating, seeing their children raped, pregnant mothers split in half by ropes tied to each leg while horses gallop in opposite directions. Children were separated from parents at will. Loved ones were hung and burned with audiences of three and five hundred cheering on, just because a white girl (lied) said he looked at her sensually. And blacks today are choosing suicide because of a lack of money, nobody likes them and won’t give any attention to them. Help us Jesus!

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Blacks and the Tithing Argument


Let me just talk about the tithe. People want to argue and complain all the
time, “the preacher just wants your money, the Church just wants your
money,” I’m always saying, that’s all 49ers want, that’s all the Raiders
want, that’s all the New York Jets want is your money, just try to get in
free. Try to get anything from Macy’s or Nordstrom’s for free. No, all they
want is your money.

But, you know, God wants your heart. And that’s what you gotta do, give God
your heart. A whole lot of folk are broke as heck, and then they complain
about “all they want is your money” and usually people who talk like that
don’t have any. And, you know, look, the tithe is God’s. That’s where it
comes from. You gotta put God first and people don’t put God first. When
you put God first, hear me, God will take care of your business when you
take care of his business. That’s where the prosperity flows right there.

The tithe of everything is the Lord’s, the glory is his, the honor is his,
all the praise is his, and you give him what is his. That’s where it’s at.
So don’t come complaining about “well they just want your money, that’s Old
Testament,” all that kind of stuff and then [inaudible 1:09] just try it.
He say, “Prove me now herewith and I don’t open up the windows and pour out
so much,’ you don’t have mental capacity to comprehend how much God has for
you if you just give him a try with your money.

So, give it to God. And you don’t complain about the government messing
over your money, potholes in the street, police arriving to the scene after
the crime, you know, red lights ain’t working, and they feeding your
children and they teaching your children evolution, they giving out
condoms, they teaching them all kind of crazy things in school, and we’re
not complaining about the government snatching forty percent out of your
income. Yet you come complaining about the Church taking ten percent, and
what the preacher gonna do with it and all that kind of stuff, and you’re
sitting up there, hearing the Word, getting healed, getting delivered, and
everything else. Look here, come on, stop it. Give God what is due to him.
That’s where it’s at.

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Blacks Misunderstanding The 3/5 Compromise

Many blacks have been erroneously misled regarding the “three fifths compromise”. America does have a Godly heritage, and not all whites were, nor are evil racists. It’s alright for a black to be a republican as well. The first political party of choice was republican. The democrats were the southern states which were pro-slavery, that’s why blacks were escaping to the north. Several founding fathers were anti-slavery, James Wilson, Elbert Sherry and Luther Martin, to name a few.

Frederick Douglas escaped in 1838 and went to New York and was discipled by some anti-slavery leaders. People listened to his testimony and wanted him to speak for them. The people thought the constitution was a pro-slavery document. Yet the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society offered to pay Douglas to go on the road full time, speaking against slavery. He knew he needed to read the constitution and study the issues surrounding it. Douglas discovered that the constitution was a great anti-slavery document, every clause in it. He had questioned previously, how could a 3/5 clause be anti-slavery. There were three hard core pro-slavery states, Georgia, North and South Carolina. The constitution says for every 30 thousand people, a state can have a representative. So, the pro-slavery states said ‘great, for every 30k we can get another representative to congress and keep laws regarding slavery working in our favor.” Yet, those states had more blacks and slaves than whites. The north said “no, free them or they can’t be counted”.

The south considered blacks as property, so the north said, “ok, we’ll begin counting chairs, horses, houses, etc since property is include”. The north said that blacks are people and created equal. After the debate, they agreed to count 3/5 of the slave population (not as 3/5 of a person) before they can get a representative to congress. The 3/5 clause cut the representation in half, which made it harder to get a pro-slavery representative to congress. Frederick Douglas saw that the constitution was anti-slavery.

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