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How To Pray For Our Government


How to pray for our government authorities, our governing officials: that’s
what we’ve got to take care of. We’ve got to know how to pray for them. I
know we’re supposed to, and of course, way back in the 60s and 70s a lot of
prayer was taken out of school, prayer was taken out of the government, but
saints of God have got to continue to pray.

We can’t let that stop us from doing what we’re supposed to do, and that’s
pray for our government officials. I Timothy 2:1 says that when we come
together, the first thing we’re to do is pray for kings and all those who
are rulers and government officials. It doesn’t say that verbatim, but
that’s what it’s telling us. We’re to pray for them. I want to stress, we
got gang violence. There’s black-on-black crime, Latino-on-Latino, there’s
crime. Wickedness is running rampant.

How are we going to save this country, with the gas prices going up, wars
and the rumors of war? All of these things are taking place, but we have to
pray. How do we pray? First of all, the scripture tells us, pray for the
government officials. Sin is a reproach to every nation, and when we’re
killing babies and we’re allowing same sex marriage and all these kind of
things, we’ve got government officials approving of it as well. We can’t
have that. We have to pray. So how do we pray? I John 5:14 says if we ask
anything according to His will, He hears us, and because He hears us, we
have the petition granted.

Scripture tells us that sin is a reproach to every nation, but it says when
the righteous rule, the people rejoice. When the wicked rule, the people
mourn. We have to first of all know that it’s the will of God. 2 Chronicles
7:14, ‘If my people would call upon My name, would humble themselves and
pray.’ It’s the will of God for us to pray. We need to pray accurately, we
need to pray precisely for what we’re talking about.

If we’re going to hone in on whatever it is, be it the gang violence, the
crime, the murder, all the abominations taking place, all the ill
treatments everywhere, we have to hone in on that, and just get specific
with it, and commit it to God. We have to believe we receive. We have to
know that God heard our prayer, because we need to cover our President, our
Vice President, the Cabinet, the House, all Congress, we need to cover
them. We’re to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we’ve got to pray for
Israel. That’s the saint of God’s responsibility. We’ve got to pray.

How do we pray? We set it up, we have our target, and we magnify God. We
praise Him, enter His courts with praises, gates with thanksgiving, and
then we make our requests, supplications, and intercessions known. The
peace of God that surpasses all understanding guards our minds and hearts
like an umpire. It’s our responsibilty to set it up, to make our
intercessions before God, and then we believe we receive because we know we
prayed according to His will. If need be, we need to bind the forces of
evil as well. Bind the devil, bind the rulers of darkness, bind them up in
Jesus’ name, and then loose the power of God on the land. We will see
results. It happens every day. God is moving at the result of God’s people
making intercessions before Him.

How to pray for our rulers and government officials? This is what we’re
talking about.

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Still Eating Like Slaves (The Silent Killers)

In Leviticus chapter eleven, God told His people what foods to eat, not only to separate or distinguish them from the gentiles but also because He knew what was best for our bodies. He made everything and knows what is threatening and can be damaging to our physical health.

The number one killers amongst Black people are diabetes and high blood pressure. If Blacks don’t educate themselves regarding diet and nutrition many will continue to self-destruct. Slavery is over yet many still eat the slave’s food.  Our forefathers had to eat the leftovers, we don’t have to. Pork! No way would God’s people have any association with bar-b-que ribs, fried pork chops, chitlins, ham, hog head cheese, pork sausage, pig tails or feet. A pig will eat a rat. God knows it’s a scavenger, that’s why He gave directives as to what was acceptable. The animals with cloven hooves and don’t chew the cud, or have split hooves and don’t chew the cud are not good for the body. Fried catfish, prawns, shrimp are also scavengers and are unhealthy. Although all of our food is already sanctified through the word and prayer, we still need to use wisdom. We spend a lot of time in church praying about sicknesses that could easily have been avoided. Proper diet and exercise will annihilate the statistics regarding blacks and the silent killers. It’s simply “Slave Food”. Now that we are out of slavery and are in the Fortune 500, business CEO’s, millionaires, politicians, government officials, school board superintendents and share leadership in every positive category existing, let’s also graduate from the slave diet and live healthier.  In order to break a curse, we must break from it. Moderation is a good thing.

Please share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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