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Still Eating Like Slaves (The Silent Killers)

In Leviticus chapter eleven, God told His people what foods to eat, not only to separate or distinguish them from the gentiles but also because He knew what was best for our bodies. He made everything and knows what is threatening and can be damaging to our physical health.

The number one killers amongst Black people are diabetes and high blood pressure. If Blacks don’t educate themselves regarding diet and nutrition many will continue to self-destruct. Slavery is over yet many still eat the slave’s food.  Our forefathers had to eat the leftovers, we don’t have to. Pork! No way would God’s people have any association with bar-b-que ribs, fried pork chops, chitlins, ham, hog head cheese, pork sausage, pig tails or feet. A pig will eat a rat. God knows it’s a scavenger, that’s why He gave directives as to what was acceptable. The animals with cloven hooves and don’t chew the cud, or have split hooves and don’t chew the cud are not good for the body. Fried catfish, prawns, shrimp are also scavengers and are unhealthy. Although all of our food is already sanctified through the word and prayer, we still need to use wisdom. We spend a lot of time in church praying about sicknesses that could easily have been avoided. Proper diet and exercise will annihilate the statistics regarding blacks and the silent killers. It’s simply “Slave Food”. Now that we are out of slavery and are in the Fortune 500, business CEO’s, millionaires, politicians, government officials, school board superintendents and share leadership in every positive category existing, let’s also graduate from the slave diet and live healthier.  In order to break a curse, we must break from it. Moderation is a good thing.

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Worldly Music In The Church

Song: “I Love Jesus” Live

Song: “Just The Holy Spirit” Live


People talk about church music, sanctified music, worldly music, they give
it all types of terms and I like to talk about everything was created for
the glory of God.

Everything was created for the glory of God and so people like Elvis
Presley and Michael Jackson and James Brown and people did might exploits
on the music arena. Of course, they made big money of off it. It was
secular, we would call it, however, everything was still created for the
glory of God. In all these anointings and gifts and talents were really to
be for the glory of God, but people didn’t use if to glorify God.

So, I like to say what we’re supposed to do and what I like doing is
sanctify that stuff and it’s OK. People come to your church and they’ll
say well, it wasn’t like church music because it had the Mo-town sound or a
60s or 70s R&B groove to it. And that’s OK because were the church and
when we play music it is church music. We’re the church and what clothes
we wear are church clothes. And we’re the church and what songs we sing
are church songs. And see we are the church, and what we’re doing is
taking that music and sanctify it anyway. Do what it was supposed to do
anyway, glorify God.

Change the lyrics. It’s all right if the beat is not that sanctified what
we call a holiness shuffle beat and all those types of things. It can,
it’s all right if it’s sounding like the Stylistics and the Delphonics and
the Temptations and Smoky Robinson. That was a cool groove.

Just think, we take that music and sanctity it to the glory of God. Now
God is pleased. And not only that, he sanctified us, and we were retched,
miserable and undone and he took us and sanctified us. And so everything
is to be sanctified. Our food is blessed and sanctified. Our children are
sanctified and that’s what it’s all about. Set apart for sacred use. And
so that’s how I like to do in my church. Look, excuse me, we’ll take some
of that old school music and we’ll flip those lyrics around and we’ll
glorify God because it’s all about the heart. And if your heart is into
it, you can worship, the power of God will fall. People will get saved,
healed and delivered simply because it’s sanctifies and glorifies God and
not only that it got their attention. It wasn’t so stiff and religious and
stuffy. It was free and it was liberating. It just helped them to see
that, ‘Woah, God does love me. It doesn’t matter.’

So, just sanctify your music and I’d like to encourage you, click on the
links that we have available here for you. It’s just a couple of old
grooves that we sanctified glorifying God. It’s a powerful anointing
falling into place. So, enjoy that. And again take everything and
sanctify to the glory of God. That’s what it was all created for.

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