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Why, Christians?

Why can’t some Christians see that tithing our money to the work of God is a valid practice? Why can’t some Christians see that you don’t have to tithe? Why can’t some Christians see that speaking in tongues is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and needful? Why can’t some Christians see that they don’t need to speak in tongues? Why do some say music should not be played in church? Why do some play music? Why do some think water baptism in Jesus’ name is the only way to be saved? Why do some baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Why do some think women can’t preach? Why do so many women preach?


Answer: Because somebody’s wrong and somebody’s right………………peace


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The Biggest Revival of The 20th Century

William Seymour was a black man in whom God used to spearhead the biggest revival of the 20th century. Brother Seymour wanted to be filled with the holy spirit. He read of the outpouring in the book of “The Acts of the Apostles” and had known and heard of others being filled with the holy spirit and speaking with other tongues. He prayed daily, seeking God for the manifestation. On one day in April of 1906 in Los Angeles, California, the power fell. People began to fill the house where Seymour was. They were joyfully speaking in tongues. A woman with no piano knowledge began playing supernaturally by the power of God. They sang, worshipped and praised God day and night. Brother Seymour, who was of the Church of God in Christ, taught the word. The house was too small to accommodate the crowds so they rented a warehouse on Azusa St. This is what turned out to be the historic “Azusa St. Revival. This revival lasted over 10 years, as people came from around the globe to experience this blessing. It all began to dwindle when factions of the caucasian race segregated themselves from Seymour and formed what is now known as “The Assemblies of God”.

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